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RDT Engineers was founded in Bilbao, Spain in 2006. Today, the company employs more than 1.200 dedicated engineers worldwide. Satisfied clients are the number one priority for RDT Engineers. Ensuring continuous improvement of client satisfaction, all employees are thoroughly and ongoing educated in providing engineering solutions that enable our customers to have a competitive advantage.

We provide engineering services and technical assistance for several leading industrial companies throughout the globe. The business model and value proposition of RDT Engineers have succeeded in long-term and profitable relations with clients and RDT Engineers. The renewable industry is rapidly growing and RDT Engineers constantly employ an increasing number of engineers in this sector. Furthermore, RDT Engineers has a clear purpose of being the market leader within engineering services to the renewable industry in Europe.

RDT Engineers has become one of the fastest growing engineering companies in Europe and is involved in the most important international engineering projects.

  • 2006


    RDT Ingenieros was founded in Bilbao, Spain

  • 2009


    Intenance was founded to support our clients maintenance projects

  • 2011


    Inver was founded because our people is our most important asset

  • 2012


    Opened office in the UK to service our English clients

  • 2014


    Opened office in Mexico to service our Mexican clients

  • 2017


    Opened office in Marocco and acquiring Lumiker and Vasa

  • 2018


    Opened office in Denmark and reached 800 employees worldwide

  • 2019


    Opened office in France and Chile and founded RDT Studio

  • 2020


    Acquired Tecnimar and reached 1.200 employees in The RDT Group

Our projects


With projects in the Aeronautics, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Industry, Petrochemical, Renewable, Capital Goods, Consumer Goods and many more sectors combined with 14 years of existence, RDT Engineers has become one of the fastest growing engineering companies in Spain and Europe.

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Our Locations


RDT Engineers is located in Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona, Beasain, Derby (UK), Tarragona, Valencia, Donosti, Tres Cantos, Seville, France, Denmark, Morocco, Puebla (Mexico) and Mexico City, among others.

Our purpose is to help engineers to enjoy engineering


Mission: Providing Engineering Solutions that allow our clients to have a competitive advantage based on efficiency, flexibility and costs.

Vision: Providing the best engineering services to our clients, as well as to guarantee a working environment that helps us to fulfill our primary purpose, which is to make engineers enjoy engineering.

Values: We understand our values as a virtuous circle that revolves around people. We want them to feel inspired to give the best of themselves every day.

Our values


Trust: We trust our people and their personal initiative

Closeness: Our style of horizontal management is close and participative

Commitment: We are committed to achieving people’s satisfaction

Quality: We always seek the satisfaction and excellence of our workers, which is why we guarantee high levels of quality

Motivation: We are committed to the personal and professional development of our employees